Alethia® C. difficile External Controls


Meridian Bioscience Alethia® C. difficile External Controls

Molecular assay for the detection of C. difficile. Alethia® provides a quick, accurate and reliable molecular assay for C. difficile detection.

Why Alethia®?

Alethia®provides a versatile workflow that can help labs of any size function at their best. With Alethia®, your core lab, hospital lab, reference lab, or physician’s office lab can run more efficiently and deliver accurate results to clinicians and patients.

More than half of all hospitalized patients might get an antibiotic at some point during their hospital stay, but 30 to 50% of those prescribed in hospitals are unnecessary or incorrect, putting patients at risk for C. difficile infections

Alethia® helps improve patient management by providing accurate and reliable results for the detection of C. difficile

  • Reduce the risk of missing a true positive with the accuracy of molecular
  • Fast, actionable results enable physicians to make informed decisions about the patient management and treatment resulting in reduced healthcare costs associated with isolation and antibiotics
  • Alethia® is a flexible, reliable molecular platform that allows health systems to provide testing closer to the patient

Your lab can improve outcomes for patients suspected of having CDI

  • What steps is your facility taking to minimize the burden of C. difficile?
  • How would a fast, accurate result help you improve outcomes and satisfaction among patients and physicians?