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Born to give a better comprehensive protection to patients and operation experience to our anesthesiologists

  • Protects lungs with more clinical tools and monitoring parameters which help clinicians reduce the post-pulmonary complications that are highly related to the mortality.
  • Standard ventilator-leveled ventilation modes suited for various clinical situations anytime, anywhere.
  • Precisely controlled fresh gas flow offered by Eco-Optimizer which helps reduce gas waste and is better for the environment
  • Minimum 10ml tidal volume takes care of our delicate babies


An anesthesia workstation with comprehensive functions and effective applications helps you easily find the solution in the complex perioperative situations.

  • Smarter ventilator provides complete anesthesia ventilation capabilities which provides more flexibility in ventilation strategy and is suitable for various patients and operations
  • Secure and reliable fresh gas and anesthetic gas delivery system
  • The extensive monitoring displays more clinical monitoring parameters such as continuous trend information and spirometry loops, in addition to routine patient data and waveforms


Combining features and flexibility, it provides full functionality in small spaces

  • Adjustable screen and breathing system for diverse situations
  • Excellent ventilation capacity with its modern anesthesia ventilator that offers a wide variety of ventilation modes and monitoring parameters, enabling complex ventilation care for severe patients.
  • Entire breathing system heating guarantees accuracy and stability of gas delivery and would also help the ERAS
  • Non-consumable design means it is designed for lifetime use with no replacement costs
  • Multi-connection t more devices makes it more convenient


High reliability and more features. Inheriting the proven technology accumulation of Aeonmed and with a series of fruitful improvements, it provides you with more comfortable and safe anesthesia operation

  • Accurate and stable tidal volume delivery: Minimal 20mL tidal volume, suitable for both pediatric and adult patients
  • Power supply integration enables voltage and power failure protection during long standby time
  • Easily switch manual and mechanical ventilation with one shortcut key
  • Display various monitoring waveforms and parameters simultaneously in different colours
  • Comprehensive monitoring parameters covers pressure, volume, multiple gas concentration and more.

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Aeon8800A, Aeon8700A, Aeon8300A, Aeon7200A