VG55 Non-Invasive Ventilator

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Features and Benefits:

  • The screen can be rotated 90 degrees up up and down, as well as left and right. This helps to provide a clear vision at what ever angle yo may need
  • The smart trigger combine pressure trigger and flow trigger which promotes machine-patient synchrony
  • Crelief in CPAP mode is a flow-based pressure relief during expiration at 3 selectable settings
  • SpO2 and PR monitoring is available providing more information for clinical decisions
  • HFT function allows high flow oxygen from 2-60L/min to be set, improving gas exchange and reduces work of breathing for the patient
  • Multiple useful functions: Day and Night mode, 7 day trends, 20 pieces screen shot, 3000 pieces alarm log, 15s set up and auto calibration.