Chemistry Analyser Pointcare M4

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Features and Benefits:

  • Sample Type: Anticoagulant additives whole blood, serum or plasma.
  • Sample Size: 0.1cc (100 µl)
  • Test Time: 8-12 minutes
  • Quality Control Features: Built-in real-time Quality Control (rQC®) system
  • Communication: Bi-directional input/output
  • Interfaces: WIFI, USB, Bluetooth, LIS/EMR capable.
  • Memory Capacity: Up to 50,000 patient and quality control results.
  • Consumables: 7.8cm in diameter and 0.68cm thick, single-use, self-contained plastic chemistry reagent discs. Each disc contains all reagents needed to perform a panel of tests on a single sample.
  • Data Input Display: 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Mode of Opertion: Continuous
  • Ambient Temperature: 10~30℃(50–86 ºF), indoor use.
  • Power Requirements: 120 VA(Power bank Capable)
  • Main Supply Voltage: 100-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Humidity: 40%~85%
  • Reaction Temperature: 37℃±0.2℃
  • Measurement Principles: Spectrophotometry, Turbidimetry.


Reliable lab-accurate results
The blood chemistry analyzer delivers fast and reliable lab-accurate results and is intended for professional use in a clinical laboratory setting or at point-of-care locations. After extensive correlation studies, the accuracy, precision and reproducibility of the Pointcare® M has been proven thoroughly. The blood chemistry analyzer Pointcare® M is popular in clinics, the most respected hospitals in the country, and in many places.

Accurate Real-time Quality Control
The blood chemistry analyzer devices contain a highly efficient onboard quality control system (RQC). It continually monitors the disc function and reagent quality to ensure optimal test performance. Reduce errors with real-time QC and eliminate carryover contamination with single-use panels to ensure meaningful, comparable results with full traceability.

Compatible Multiple Hospital Information System
MNCHIP supports you in every area you need. The MNCHIP management platform is designed for hospital and laboratory information systems, including HIS, LIS, HR, LMS and EMR. Simplify and standardize work processes and reduce the workload of employees.


Our microfludic based blood chemistry device was derived from aerospace technology, which is also used in today’s aerospace industry. After five years of rigorous ground testing, Pointcare M will be installed on the Chinese space station launched in 2022 to provide daily blood chemistry tests for astronauts in orbit.

The analyzer is a portable spectrophotometer. The optical system consists of a xenon arc stroboscopiclamp and a beam-splitter/detector capable of reading nine wavelengths. A heater maintains the disc at 37±0.2°C during the reaction portion of the analysis. The reagent disc is developed based on microfluidic technology. It is an 8 cm diameter consumable containing all the required diluent and dry reagents to perform a panel of tests. The disc contains 30 cuvettes that will be filled with diluted plasma or diluent. The cuvettes have different pathlengths to accommodate different reagent sensitivities and analyte concentrations. Pre-measured, lyophilized reagent beads for each chemistry in the panel are placed in the cuvettes at the time of manufacture. To perform a panel of tests, the operator applies around 100μl whole blood directly into a disc. Using centrifugal and capillary forces, the disc meters the required amount of blood, separates the red cells, meters the plasma, meters the diluent, mixes the fluids, distributes the fluid to the reaction cuvettes and mixes the reagents and the diluted plasma in the cuvettes. The analyzer monitors the reactions simultaneously using nine wave-lengths, calculates the results from the absorbance data, and reports the results on the screen and on a convenient thermal roll-tape printer.


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