Gmate® ORIGIN Blood Glucose Meter

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Gmate Origin makes it much easier to measure your blood glucose level. Gmate Origin offers excellent user experience with its delicate designs.


  • Auto Coding: Most blood glucose meters require “manual coding” or calibration before use. Gmate enables accurate reading every time you test.
  • Small Blood Sample (0.5 ㎕): Our meters only require 0.5 ㎕ of blood, which is the size of the head of a pin. That way you can test from less painful spots, such as the palm or the upper arm.
  • Short Test Time (5 seconds): Our meters are able to accurately read blood glucose levels in 5 seconds.
  • Data Transfer: Most meters transfer your test results to a computer for sharing and management.
  • Side Button: Recall stored results or navigate Set mode.
  • Power Button: Turn Gmate Origin on or off or confirm your entry in Set mode.
  • Test Strip Port: Insert Gmate Strip here. Gmate Origin will automatically turn on.


  • Model: PG-310(Gmate® Origin, BGMS)
  • Size: 50.0×91.5×19.0mm(1.97×3.60×0.75 inch)
  • Weight: 57g (2.01oz)
  • Principle: Electrochemistry
  • Range: 20-600mg/dL(1.1-33.3mmol/L)
  • Specimen: Whole Blood, Capillary
  • Test time: 5 Seconds
  • Specimen volume: 0.5μL
  • Coding method: Auto Coding
  • Power: Lithium-ion Batter(CR2032, 3V)
  • Storage: 500

Test Strips:

Gmate Test Strips come packed as 50 strips in 2 packs of 25. The strips are hard and firm in texture for easy handling and inserting into the test strip port on the Gmate Glucometer. On inserting, the strips are auto-detected by Gmate Glucometer(no coding required). Gmate Test Strips are CE(EU) and HSA(SG) approved.


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