Immunocard STAT!® Strep A

Increased detection of positives by 53%, over traditional culture


Meridian Bioscience Immunocard STAT!® Strep A

A CLIA waived one step lateral flow immunoassay for the direct detection of Group A Streptococcal antigens from throat swabs specimens.

Differentiate Group A Strep from viral pharyngitis. Up to 70% of patients receive antibiotic therapy while only 20 – 30% have Group A Strep pharyngitis

Improve decision making for physicians by providing a convenient and timely result of Group A Strep pharyngitis.

  • Acute pharyngitis is one of the most frequent illnesses for which pediatricians are consulted.
  • An estimated 15 million Group A Strep visits per year in the U.S. have an annual economic impact of $224-$539 million. How well does your current method detect Group A Strep?

How well do you maximize the use of your financial and technical resources?

  • How well do you maximize the use of your financial and technical resources?
  • How how well does your test method determine the need for antibiotic treatment?

Increased Detection with Simple Workflow

  • Alethia Group A Strep can help prevent unncessary antibiotic treatment which can lead to the development of antimicrobial resistance among common pathogens
  • The accuracy and speed of Alethia Group A Strep results helps families return to their busy daily routines as quickly as possible
  • Alethia Group A Strep molecular amplification has a 98% sensitivity that has shown to be 53% more sensitive than traditional culture

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