LED X-Ray Film Viewer

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Features and Benefits:

  • Main Technical Specifications: According with the newest professional industry standard YY/T0610-2007 published by China Food and Drug Administration.
  • Light Source: Adopt patch type LED, each panel has≥378 LED,LED light source layout based on direct lattice type
  • Colour Temperature: 9600K
  • Highest Brightness: ≥4500cd/m2
  • Uniformity: LED dot matrix layout makes high luminance uniformity ≥98%
  • Dimming: Micro switch digital dimming
  • LED Circuit Card: Use the whole board aluminum plate, excellent heat dissipation, thus ensuring LED longer life
  • Light the way: Allowed every panel light up and adjustable independently, and make sure the uniformity without shadow. With film sensor, light up after insert film, light off when pull film off.
  • Power Installation: The built-in power supply, turn off the power switch means disconnect the entire device
  • Gripping Film: Elastic silicone with patent applied by Jinde Tech
  • Thickness: 45mm,unique designed for set  inside power supply, excellent heat dissipation, guaranteed quality.
  • The products have passed the European CE certification
  • One panel viewing area(inch): 14″×17″ External Dimension:500mm×510mm×45mm