Tissue Section Bath – Digital

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The LED Digital Tissue Section Bath is designed specifically to enhance visualisation of tissue sections and to reduce the risk associated with floating tissue debris.

An innovative LED light array sits inside the bath, working in collaboration with a high-contrast background to provide optimal specimen viewing conditions. The LED light array utilises separate white and blue LED lights to illuminate the water surface.

Both LED lights are dimmer controlled, allowing the user to vary the intensity of the back lighting to their preference for section viewing. The LED back lighting also aids detection of any tissue floaters, which may be left on the water surface, after cleaning section debris using a tissue between specimen cases.

Digital temperature control accurately maintains water at a set temperature, allowing tissue sections to be efficiently flattened prior to being picked up with a microscope slide. The bath has generous space for a user to rest their hands when floating sections and an extra deep 90mm tapered bowl which allows slides to be dipped at any angle, without touching the bottom of the bowl.

Stability is provided by four rubber feet and controls have been recessed to provide the user with an added measure of safety. Enhanced safety features include recessed controls, an over-temperature thermal cut out and miniature circuit breaker.


Features and Benefits:

  •  Selectable blue and white LED back lighting with dimmer control improves section visualisation
  • Easily removable/replaceable LED light array without the use of specialist tools
  • Deep bowl (90mm) with large diameter allows slides to be used at any angle to pick up a section
  • Convenient slide drying area at the rear of the bath
  • Small footprint ensures minimal workbench space is taken up
  • Ultra-fast heating system reduces waiting time before the instrument is ready to be used
  • Enhanced safety features; recessed controls, an over-temperature thermal cut out and miniature circuit breaker
  • Anti-microbial finish to inhibit bacteria and virus growth
  • Digital temperature control accurate to + or – 0.5°C at 45°C
  • Incorporated miniature circuit breakers eliminating the need for replacement fuses
  • Optional easy to use drop-on lid improves heating efficiency and control, whilst protecting water from contamination
  • Dimensions: 295(w) x 370(d) x 135(h)mm


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