Greiner Bio-one CLIP® WINGED

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CLiP® Winged is an automatic safety I.V. catheter available in a comprehensive range to meet demanding physical conditions and different clinical needs. The products have been developed with the user and patient in mind – configured to provide excellent insertion properties. When patients and their conditions vary, CLiP® Winged remains consistent and its use contributes to safe and successful insertion.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic safety mechanism to prevent needlestick injuries
  • Suitable for high pressure injection up to 305 psi
  • Blood sampling as indication for use
  • Wing holder for multiple gripping alternatives
  • Stabilization wings for secure fixation
  • Small environmental footprint thanks to its compact product and packaging design

Additional information


FEP 14G x 45mm, PUR 14G x 45mm, PUR 16G x 45mm, FEP 17G x 45mm, FEP 18G x 32mm, PUR 18G x 32mm, FEP 18G x 45mm, PUR 18G x 45mm, FEP 20G x 32mm, PUR 20G x 32mm, PUR 22G x 25mm, PUR 24G x 19mm