Colour Doppler Ultrasound

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iMage T6 is a color doppler ultrasound platform with stable image performance and diverse applications. Based on the advance imaging technology and ergonomic design, it`s equipped with superior image quality, comprehensive functions, high cost effectiveness and mobility, which make it applicable to different body scans and clinic departments. For example emergency, hospitals, clinics, out calls etc. With this machine, we can provide very comprehensive imaging system solutions.


Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic trace on PW frequency map
  • Real time dual-display 2D images and color flow images
  • One key saving and restoring image parameters to effectively shorten the operating time
  • Efficient workflow
  • Play back large amount of cines
  • Quick startup
  • Measurement packages of all parts meet with clinical needs of different applications
  • Large capacity removeable built- in battery supports long time outdoor operation
  • Quickly switch between Chinese and English operation interface and support many kinds of typewriting

Diverse Probe Options

  • Convex array transducer: Abdomen, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, Kidney
  • Linear array transducer: Small parts, Vascular, Pediatrics, Thyroid, Breast, Carotid
  • Micro-convex transducer: Abdomen, Obstetrics, Cardiology
  • Trans-vaginal transducer: Gynecology, Obstetrics