ADAPT-A-RACK® Flexible Multi-Tube Rack

Flexible Multi-Tube Rack for your needs

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Each slot adapts to accommodate 12 mm–30 mm (5 mL–50 mL) tubes sizes and holds them in a firm upright position.  Fits new 25mL conical tube from Eppendorf.


Features and Benefits:

  • Made from POM
  • Holds different sized tubes in each slot
  • Racks can be linked together for additional holding capacity
  • Open sides allow for label viewing
  • Flat base to hold tubes upright
  • Linked racks should be supported underneath when carrying
  • Available in solid or a combination of colors for easy coding identification
  • Autoclavable


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Blue, White, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue/Green, Blue/Yellow, Pink/White