Four Channel Syringe Pump

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This unique design makes it one of the smallest four channel syringe workstations in the world, and the is powerful piece of equipment for departments such as ICU.

Features and Benefits:

  • Small design: This machine measures about A4 in size and weighs 5.9KG
  • Accurate injection: Injection accuracy of up to 0.01ml/h
  • Compatible: 30 syringe brands are supported and more than 50 drugs options for injection
  • Rich injection modes: Up to 10 injection modes are supported, with advanced modes such as cascaded mode, micro volume mode, TIVA mode, and Gradient mode, etc.
  • Safe use: Unique “needle fall off” alarm helps ensure safe injection process. The models with wireless communication can be monitored constantly.
  • Touch screen: Touch screen size of 3.5 inches with a friendly graphic user interface that is easy and efficient to operate.