Σ Transwab® with one standard Σ swab and two red shaft Σ swabs. The bud type is cellular foam.

Features and Benefits:

  • For applications in MRSA Screening and multiple body sites.
  • All clinical Transwab® products comply with the CLSI standard M40-A (for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices).
  • Liquid Amies.
  • Σ swabs for optimum sample pick up and release.
  • Compatible with automated systems.
  • Multiple body site sampling for MRSA screening.
  • Open cell flow through foam bud allows full access and release of sampled organisms.
  • Compatible with conventional and automated processing.
  • 15cm Swab
  • Pack size: 125pcs
  • Shelf life: 2 years