Agility®‘s intelligent design represents the next breakthrough in ELISA automation. With this streamlined system, labs and medical facilities can turn to Agility® for maximum efficiency and reliability. Reduce your cost per test while enabling your time-strapped team to put their efforts elsewhere.


The DYNEX AGILITY® is the next step forward in our automated ELISA technology system. This fully automated platform allows users to optimize ELISA more than ever before, using electronic processing that provides premium precision with minimal manual operation. As you can explore through our DYNEX AGILITY® operators manual, this technology relies on three precision robotic arms to accomplish the necessary tasks of sample pipetting, reagent pipetting and plates transporting. AGILITY® is redefining ELISA with ingenious design, total automation and a revolutionary approach to reagent loading that boosts productivity and minimizes hands-on time like never before. For true walk-away freedom, nothing beats AGILITY®.


Features and Benefits:

  • Assesses testing requirements and develops an efficient work list
  • Continuous sample loading allows operators to begin loading and running microplates as they are ready, installed of all at once
  • Reduces hands-on time by two-thirds of typical open systems
  • Full, walkaway processing from the beginning of testing
  • Up to 16 SmartKit® carriers stored on-board for simultaneous runs
  • Flexible throughput allows up to 12 plates on-board at once
  • Frees up significant labor time and allows for multitasking
  • Eliminates nearly all manual liquid-transfer steps
  • Eliminates most of ELISA’s labor-intensive front-end setup
  • Barcoding eliminates manual data input
  • Assesses testing requirements and develops an efficient work list
  • Comprehensive LIMS integration
  • Inventory tracking allows for maximum materials efficiency
  • Illuminated, color-coded access positions allow simple loading of all kits, tips, microplates and other consumable items, preventing loading errors


  • Threshold Results: Threshold results allow programmable quality control equations based on arithmetic, statistical or Boolean calculations.
  • Washer Status: The washer status screen reports waste, washer fluid and clean fluid levels with easy-to-understand quantitative graphics.
  • Dashboard: On an interactive touchscreen the Agility dashboard is extremely easy-to-read, follow and understand. Intuitive graphics provide a full overview of every aspect of operation, from the number of tests scheduled to the amount of room remaining in the waste containers.


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