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Suitable for: Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.


Features and Benefits:

  • 1.26kg light and compact design, easy for travel.
    • Whole device weighs 1.26kg, light and compact design, good choice for both home and travel use
  • 3.5 inch touch screen design enables a better operation experience.
    • 3.5 inch touch screen ensures a fashionable and high-tech view, simplifies operation and report review.
  • HEPA (PM2.5) Filter with Efficient Filtering (Optional)
    • Up to 20 cm2 PM2.5 pollen filter ensures an efficient filtering, provides superb clean air and ensures the health of patients.
    • Also efficient dust filter protects the inner airway of the Auto CPAP and prolongs the working life of the device.
  • 5 years data storage
    • Auto CPAP SD card stores up to 5 years therapy data that is readable through PC software and on the screen.
  • AS-Dry Technology
    • Every time after treatment, CPAP turbine blows at a lower speed to cool down the whole tubing and mask.
    • The AS-Dry technology keeps users a dry environment against moisture.
    • Furthermore, the dry environment prevents the bacterial breeding and provides a healthy treatment to user.
  • Automatic adjustment intelligent + comfortable
    • According to airway resistance, compliance and each breathing airflow change of the patient, combined with ventilation history records, the treatment pressure is intelligent adjusted,so as to achieve precise and comfortable treatment experience.
  • Intelligent identifying CSA avoids improper pressure rise
    • Using of traditional CPAPs without CSA detection may exacerbate CSA. Auto CPAP identifies CSA and OSA, thus reduces the improper pressure rise which may cause severe effect to patient.
  • AS-Elex Expiration Pressure Release
    • AS-Elex provides 7 grades of pressure release during expiration, thus reduces the patient’s discomfort, which effectively increases patient compliance.
  • Real-time manual titration
    • Auto CPAP provides manual titration function, which enables the doctor to finish clinical titration process without stopping the treatment.


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