Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer

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The PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit in combination with Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer allows the collection and storage of stool samples as well as the stabilization of the stool specimen without any degradation of the DNA with a very efficient and fast isolation of high quality total DNA.

The Stool DNA Stabilizer enables the storage of the stool samples after collection without cooling under ambient temperature for at least 3 months.

The Stool DNA Stabilizer preserves the microorganism titer by lyses of gram-positive and Gram– negative bacteria and inactivation of DNases. For the DNA extraction process only a small amount of the total volume will be used, the residual sample can be used for further extractions or a long-term storage at -20°C.

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50 Tubes, 250 Tubes, Stool Stabilizer Only 180ml