InviGenius® PLUS

The InviGenius® PLUS is a fully automated platform for nucleic acid purification that processes up to 12 samples simultaneously using magnetic beads.


Fully automated extraction

Easy handling with only 10 – 15 min hands-on-time. Simply load your samples and reagents into the system, choose your extraction protocol and you have your hands free for other work. A user-friendly, intuitive software and touchscreen interface simplify your DNA/RNA extraction workflow.

Standardized sample preparation

For molecular diagnostics, the InviGenius® PLUS delivers superior DNA and RNA quality. Barcode supported identification enables tracking of samples and reagents during the entire purification process.

Wide range of starting materials

The system purifies various target nucleic acids such as cell-free or genomic DNA, pathogen DNA and RNA from demanding samples Furthermore, the InviGenius® PLUS extracts total RNA from stabilized blood samples using the RNA Exact tubes from SARSTEDT.

Various applications

The InviGenius® PLUS supports a broad range of extraction applications for oncology, pathology, pharmacogenomics, genetic testing and infectious diseases.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3 positions for disposable tip racks
  • Magnetic separation head
  • Incubator with microplate positions
  • Eluate position for a microplate
  • Loading bay lanes for a sample rack, an eluate rack and a reagent rack
  • Position for a disposable sheaths rack
  • Sample Volume: 200 to 4000 μl (protocol-specific)
  • Capacity: up to 12 samples per run
  • Processing time: 60-240 min
  • Magnetic rods: 12 (plus bottom magnets)
  • Heating temperature: heat incubator, up to 95°C
  • Computer: Integrated PC
  • Operating system: MS Windows
  • User interface: Touch screen
  • Ports / drives: USB, Ethernet, RS232 / 80GB hard disc
  • Decontamination: UV irradiance
  • Dimensions: 75.6 x 80 x 76.5 cm, approx 76kg
  • Pipette tips: 1100μl conductive disposable filter tips
  • Pipetting precision: Less than 2% CV at 20μl, less than 1% CV at 100μl


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