For years, the choice between manual and automated cell counting has been a difficult one. Manual cell counting, on the one hand, is accurate, but time-consuming and very user-dependent. Automated cell counting, is much faster and less user-dependent, but the cost of disposable counting slides can be an issue. A tough choice, but now there is a solution.

The new Corning Cell Counter is the first automated cell counter that combines the best of both worlds.

The Corning Cell Counter uses cloudbased image processing to perform a single cell count in less than three seconds. This is much faster than most automated cell-counting systems.

The Corning Cell Counter uses a stateof- the-art image analysis software to ensure optimal accuracy. Trypan Blue can be added (Figure 1) to detect cell viability. The Corning Cell Counter can also detect clusters of cells, which leads to accurate cell counts of “highly concentrated samples”.

The Cell Counter uses a reusable glass counting chamber, enabling automated cell counting without the cost of disposable slides.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast – thanks to its online image processing
  • Accurate – thanks to its cloud-based machine learning algorithm.
  • Low-cost – works with common reusable glass hemocytometer. No consumables required.
  • Three-second cell counts
  • Higher accuracy
  • Low Cost