LUMEA BxChip – 18G 6 Cores

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Features and Benefits:

  • Arrowed and dotted markings embossed onto chip. Numbered channels are available if preferred. This allows accurate identification of core orientation and location
  • Matrix made from protein gel so samples can be safely sectioned on the microtome without damaging the blade or specimen
  • The BxChip is coloured blue to provide high contrast against pale specimens
  • It incorporates linear channels to hold samples safely and securely, aiding diagnosis by minimising fragmentation
  • Available in a range of gauge sizes to accommodate core biopsies from other tissues
  • Allows more tissue to be seen under the microscope
  • Simultaneous processing of 6 cores allows for significant cost savings on consumables
  • Increase the yield of each biopsy for patient benefit
  • Cheaper than convectional processing
  • Workload and turnaround time are both reduced


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Pack Size

10 x 1, 5 x 2