Formalin Neutraliser Pads – GL Elite

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Our specially treated range of Formalin Neutraliser Pads are designed to absorb and neutralise formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and other aldehydes.

After absorption aldehydes are converted into non-hazardous polymers eliminating harmful vapors. Formalin Neutraliser Pads are especially useful in the clean up of small spills for absorbing excess formalin when dissecting, ensuring a safe work area for employees.


Features and Benefits:

  • Specially treated polypropylene quickly absorbs solutions
  • Rapidly neutralises formaldehyde vapors to protect workers
  • Durable top surface resists rips, tears and abrasion, even when saturated
  • Blue colour provides contrast against tissue samples
  • Soft material reduces wear on blade edges when used as a surface for cutting
  • Efficient and clean incineration
  • 3 sizes: 8 x 11″ (203 x 279mm), 11 x 15″ (279 x 381mm), 15 x 20″ (381 x 508mm)

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8 x 11", 11 x 15", 15 x 20"