Aqautec – Microtome Transfer System


The aquatec system consists of a low profile disposable blade carrier AQ with integrated transfer bridge and a heated water bath. It can be used along with all current rotary microtomes of the SLEE medical series: CUT 4062, CUT 5062 and CUT 6062. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade the microtome from the common paraffin sectioning technique to the aquatec method.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable laminar water flow rate avoids tissue section damage, consequently, more usable sections per block available. Due to the smooth water flow, sections are stretched. That leads to high quality sectioning results.
  • User selectable water temperature from ambient temperature up to +50 °C
  • Illuminated, aluminium water bath offers excellent section visibility
  • Specially designed disposable blade holder including transfer ramp
  • The common manual transfer of the sections into a water bath is no longer necessary



Heated water bath:+50 ° C
Volume of heated water bath:750 ml
Volume of pump reservoir:570 ml
Required liquid:entmineralisiertes oder destilliertes Wasser
Flow rate:0 ml / min. – 500 ml / min.
Operating conditions:+10 °C to 35 °C (at max. 60 % rel. humidity)

for indoor use only

Pollution degree:2
Overvoltage category:II
Power requirements:100-240 V / 50/60 Hz, 0.7 A +/-10 %
Weight:aquatec complete 4.8 kg, disposable blade holder AQ 3.0 kg
(D x W x H)
aquatec 300 x 300 x 130 mm
Dimensions of aquatec:Ø 300 mm x Höhe 130 mm


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