HistoBond®+ Adhesive Microscope Slides

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HistoBond®+ slides are suitable for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. Both surfaces of these slides bond tissue sections adhesively with their positive charge. No additional adhesives are required. The reliable anchoring prevents tissue sections to float during washing and cooking and, thereby, saves time and costs in the laboratory.

HistoBond®+ slides have a printed area of approx. 20 mm which can take notes printed by most types of printers and can be written on with permanent markers . Different colours of the labelling area offer the possibility to distinct the preparations (by users, priorities etc.).

Dark markings contrast especially well with the bright colours of the labelling areas and thus facilitate the identification of preparations. The thin layer of the marking area prevents the slides from sticking together and enables using them on automated systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of soda lime glass of third hydrolytic class
  • In compliance with DIN ISO 8037/1
  • Dimensions: approx. 76 x 26 mm
  • Thickness: approx. 1 mm (tol. ± 0.05 mm)
  • Pre-cleaned and ready for use
  • Autoclavable
  • For in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications according to IVD directive 98/79/EC, with CE-mark, recommended best before date and batch number for comprehensive information and traceability

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90° Ground Edges, 90° Ground Edges with 45° Chamfered Corners


White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange