Immunocard® Toxins A&B


Meridian Bioscience Immunocard® Toxins A&B

A rapid, sensitive enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Clostridium difficile toxins A and B in stool specimens.

ImmunoCard® Toxins A&B is a rapid, easy-to-use EIA test that helps correctly identify active C. difficile infections from carriers by detecting the presence of fecal toxins in stool.

55.3% of patients with a positive C. difficile PCR test are negative for toxin production and have outcomes comparable to patients with no C. difficile detected.

  • The rate of healthcare-associated CDI (C. difficile infection) has been increasing, and the diagnosis of CDI is estimated to raise the cost of a hospitalization stay by 51% in the United States2
  • C. difficile associated diarrhea increases hospital costs by 40% per case
  • The US burden of CDI is close to 500,000 infections annually

Is your lab currently testing for C. difficile with the most accurate test?

  • What impact have the new guidelines and algorithm discussions had on your lab?
  • How are the current reporting requirements of hospital-acquired infections impacting your lab and the health system?

Implement Algorithm Guidelines

  • The 2018 IDSA/SHEA Guidelines of C. difficile Infection recommend toxin testing be used as part of an algorithm to confirm the presence of active toxin production.

Identify True Positives

  • Use this test in combination with a molecular method to correctly identify patients with active toxin infection versus C. difficile carriers.
  • Adding tests, such as a toxin card, increases the positive predictive value (PPV) of C. difficile testing

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