Immunocard® C. difficile GDH


Meridian Bioscience Immunocard® C. difficile GDH

A rapid, sensitive enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Clostridium difficile antigen (GDH) in stool specimens.

Exceed Your Current Algorithm Testing Performance

  • Reduce your number of false negatives by 67% utilizing the Meridian Algorithm vs. C. diff Quik Chek Complete®
  • The Meridian Algorithm
    • ImmunoCard® C. difficile GDH screen
      • Sensitivity of 97.6% versus 90.5% for QCC antigen
    •  Positive confirmation with illumigene® C. difficile assay
      • Sensitivity of 95.2% versus 87.8% for QCC toxin
    •  Overall sensitivity of Meridian Algorithm is 93% versus 79.5% for QCC

Decrease Workload

  • Test outcomes within 30 minutes (for GDH screening)
  • No send-out testing for confirmation of toxin-producing C. difficile


  • Eliminates the need for empirical treatment of suspected cases
  • Optimal algorithm empowers clinicians to make accurate treatment decisions
  • Refer to the C. difficile HAI model to see how you can reduce healthcare costs related to isolation and length of stay in your facility

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