Glass Microburettes acc. to Bang

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Features and Benefits:

  • Made of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • In compliance with DIN EN ISO 385
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Minimal thermal expansion
  • High resistance to thermal shocks
  • Class AS (fast delivery, circular graduation at main points)
  • Calibrated ”Ex” (to deliver)
  • With blue graduation and Schellbach stripe at the back of the instrument. This stripe facilitates reading precisely the meniscus of a liquid.
  • Straight stopcock has NS glass plug in delivery stopcock and in stopcock of filling tube
  • Lateral fine regulation stopcock has PTFE screw valve and stopcock of filling tube has PTFE plug
  • Tolerances: ± 0.010ml, ± 0.010ml, ± 0.010ml, ± 0.020ml

Additional information


1 : 0.01ml, 2 : 0.01ml, 5 : 0.01ml, 10 : 0.02ml


Straight Stopcock, Lateral Fine Regulation Stopcock