Glass Burettes acc. to Mohr

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Burettes are calibrated volumetric instruments with graduations and groundin stopcocks. They are used in laboratories for quantitative measurements of smaller liquid volumes in titration. Burettes are calibrated ”Ex” (to deliver): The imprinted volume corresponds to the delivered quantity of liquid.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • In compliance with DIN EN ISO 385
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Minimal thermal expansion
  • High resistance to thermal shocks
  • Blue graduation
  • Well legible numbers and graduations
  • 2 pieces in a sturdy carton
  • Tolerances: ±0.02ml, ±0.03ml, ±0.05ml, ±0.10ml
  • Versions:
    • Clear glass
    • With Schellbach stripe at the back of the instrument which facilitates reading precisely the meniscus of the liquid
    • Amber glass

Additional information


10 : 0.02ml, 25 : 0.05ml, 50 : 0.1ml, 100 : 0.2ml


Clear Glass, Schellbach, Amber Glass