CT Contrast Media Injectors

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With more use of CT scan, an enhanced CT examination has been adopted by many hospitals and clinics and  a high quality and easy-to-operate injector for CT would be required for this. Not only can this machined keep high diagnosis accuracy and safety for patients, it also can increase the efficiency of operators, which benefits the hospitals to a large degree. Because of the great design and features of this machine, it has sold over 4,000 units world wide in more than 70 countries.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Direct Pressure Sensor shows the real-time injection process in detail, and effectively prevents the patient from swelling, offering a safe injection experience.
  • Unique LED indicator shows the liquid Suction & Injection process. The continuous illumination design makes the whole process more visible for the operator
  • Large handhold and wheel allows operator to move and fix the injector easily without much effort.
  • One-button Emergency design means the operator can immediately stop the injection process and prevent damage to the patient and the machine itself in the event of an error.
  • With the remote control console, the operator can easily edit protocols and the execution of injection, which is synchronously displayed along with all operations in the local console.
  • The Double channel injection model supports saline flush function, which could reduce the false images and get better image enhancement, improving the image quality to a large degree.
  • There is the option to incorporate syringe heaters to these models.


  • For any brands of CT of 8/16 Slices
  • Supports 200ml syringes


  • For any brands of CT of 16/32/64/128 Slices
  • Supports 200ml/200ml syringes

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Single Channel Injector, Double Channel Injector