C8-M Micro Centrifuge

The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C8-M Microcentrifuge enhances the centrifugation process in your lab. The new magnetic rotor design allows the user to easily switch between the microcentrifuge tube rotor and PCR rotor with no tools. The C8-M has proprietary technology making it one of the most user-friendly units on the market. The Electronic Safety Brake immediately stops the centrifugation motion upon the lid opening for superior user safety. The BenchMate C8 Microcentrifuge has a fixed speed of 6,000 rpm / 2,000 x g and a noise level of < 55 dB. It is ideal for all quick spin centrifugation applications.

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The Benchmate C8-M Microcentrifuge enhances scientists research with user-friendly features, safety-oriented technology and a robust design. The microcentrifuge has a unique closed rotor for quiet operation, carbon dust insulation and a safety drain for easy liquid drainage. The combination of all of these features makes this unit one of the most advanced microcentrifuges on the market.


Features and Benefits:


  • Simple Operation and Fixed Speed –6,000 rpm (2,000 x g) fixed speed with Speed Accuracy of +/- 100 RPM
  • Magnetic Rotor and Tube Versatility – 8-place 1.5 mL/2.0 mL magnetic microtube rotor and 16-place PCR magnetic tube rotor included
  • The small footprint saves valuable benchtop space. The unit is suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms
  • Carbon dust insulation and safe drainage provisions incorporated into the design
  • Designed for Quick Spin Applications – Versatility, simplicity, and safety in a single unit
  • Simple Cleaning – Easy-to-clean drain in case of sample spillage.
  • Closed rotor ensures better airflow and greater efficiency with quiet operation and low heat generation. This also helps to ensure stability for temperature sensitive sample