BenchMate CH24V Hematocrit Centrifuge

This affordable and compact hematocrit centrifuge is ideal for any laboratory determining erythrocyte fractions in blood and separating micro solutions. Safety is emphasized with the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Hematocrit Centrifuge, equipped with an imbalance detection safety system, with an auto cut-off feature, and the lid lock safety feature. The lid of this hematocrit centrifuge releases automatically after run completion.

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The speed of this hematocrit centrifuge can be set precisely, from 500 to 12000 rpm (14,119 x g), in steps of 100 rpm. This wide speed range allows for a variety of applications. rpm and RCF speed readings display alternatively on the display during operation. The timer can be set for up to 12 minutes.

The large LCD display of the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Hematocrit Centrifuge provides you with easy setting and reading of multiple parameters. The handy reset feature allows the user to set a ‘favorite mode’ for most commonly used speed (rpm) and time.

This hematocrit has a small footprint that saves valuable benchtop space in your lab. The capacity of the unit allows you to spin up to 24 capillary tubes simultaneously. Meanwhile, the low noise and heat production prevents ambient noise pollution and sample heating.