Axygen® Axyspin Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

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The Axygen Axyspin refrigerated microcentrifuge is a high performance refrigerated microcentrifuge designed to quickly process samples for applications such as nucleic acid and protein preparation, purifications, extractions, and pelleting.

The Axygen Axyspin refrigerated microcentrifuge combines a powerful yet silent, brushless drive with an efficient cooling system, all in a compact footprint. Brushless drive technology has been fine-tuned in the Axyspin refrigerated microcentrifuge to deliver fast acceleration and deceleration of the solid aluminum rotor. The uniquely designed 24-place rotor allows easy access to the tops of sample tubes. Starting from room temperature, the chamber of the Axyspin refrigerated microcentrifuge cools to 4°C in just 8 minutes. The control panel features a backlit LCD display, which allows users to easily view running parameters while the large control knob facilitates digital setting of rotor speed, run time, and temperature. These high performance features allow for faster sample processing and less down time.

The rotor of the Axyspin refrigerated microcentrifuge can accommodate 1.5 and 2.0 mL Axygen microcentrifuge tubes, including the most popular catalog numbers (MCT-150-C and MCT-200-C).

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful refrigeration system cools to 4°C in 8 minutes
  • 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL aluminum rotor included
  • Exceptionally quiet and compact
  • 230V
  • Temperature range of -10°C to 40°C
  • Speed range: 500 to 13500 rpm
  • Different plugs available on request