Genesis RapidWeld Sterile Tube Welder

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Introducing the innovative and technologically advanced Genesis RapidWeld™ STW sterile tube welder. With a waferless design and infrared technology, the RapidWeld™ STW is easy to use, cost effective and eco-friendly (no biohazard waste from disposable copper wafers).

RapidWeld™ STW utilizes a precision cutting blade and infrared heater to complete the welding process in a functionally closed system for better control and accuracy. The design eliminates the need for consumable wafers.

Create strong reliable welds in 14-15 seconds. The RapidWeld™ STW can help Improve operator efficiency and maximize the shelf life of valuable blood products.

Stainless steel construction which permits continuous uninterrupted welding with no jamming.

LCD color touch (4″ x 3″) screen display provides operators with step by step instructions for performing a weld. Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Designed for continuous operation while maintaining a high temperature for producing sterile welds.

The unique clamp design strips fluid away from the weld site while keeping the tubes securely in place. This process can help eliminate blood cell necrosis in blood products.

Protects operators during the welding process and inhibits accidental or unintentional interruption of the weld.


Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced blade module
  • User interface with LCD touch screen display
  • Infrared heating element
  • Patented tube holder clamps
  • Lid lock mechanism
  • Applications include but are not limited to:
    • Pathogen reduction processing
    • Leukoreduction
    • Component aliquoting
    • Component pooling
    • Quality control sampling
    • Collection set modification
    • Apheresis set modification
    • Cell washing and freezing


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