Genesis Data Collection Mixer – Automated

This Data Collection Mixer stands alone in the field of blood collection technology and redefines the standards for blood collection.

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The DCM3000 is an accurate and reliable automated mixer designed for both fixed site and mobile collections.

Features and Benefits:

  • The most accurate digital scale available with data collection
  • Reduces over and under bleeds (QNS units)
  • Automatically clamps tubing when target volume is achieved
  • Provides constant mixing of anticoagulant and blood
  • Clear backlighted 5-inch LCD screen display
  • Visible and audible alarms with voice guide
  • Multi-functional remote control unit
  • Dual barcode scanner system
  • Wireless data transfer (CDM software)
  • Large capacity battery pack for portable use
  • GenesisBPS Tube Sealer integration
  • Robust stackable case
  • Batteries can be recharged with the case enclosed
  • “Carry & Set up” as collection stand