VWR Microscopy Slide Boxes with Lid

SKU: VWR-I631-1504
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Features and Benefits:

Composed of two parts, these boxes for microscopy slides are ultra resistant; they are designed to store and transport standard blades.
  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Blade inventory card inside lid
  • Nickel-plated clasp and hinge pin (box of 100)
  • Each compartment has a number which can be found on the inventory card inside the lid
  • Rigid box, in molded plastic: thanks to the compartments, the blades are in stable position
  • Stackable for prolonged storage
  • 100 Place, cork, white
The box is made of durable ABS plastic; the nickel-plated clasp and hinge pin won’t rust, allowing the blades to be stored or transported safely.