Diagnostic BioSystems offers a range of ready-to-use and concentrated antibodies optimized to provide high quality staining when used for immunohistochemical applications. Our rabbit monoclonal antibodies are also available for enhanced specificity and sharp signal.


New discoveries in the clinic are demanding more functionality from IHC. Diagnostic BioSystems offers novel proprietary chromogens in Brown, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue for easy to develop multistains in your own lab. Use of high-quality, novel chromogens results in robust staining, making results reproducible and trustworthy.

  • High Quality Staining—Detect and diagnose with confidence
  • Broad Applicability—Single and Multiplex IHC and ISH
  • Versatile and High Performance Reagents—HRP and AP compatible, well suited for manual and automation

Diagnostic BioSystems provides chromogens with two commonly used enzyme labels:

  • Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP)
  • Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)

Special Stains:

Diagnostic BioSystems offers Special Stains ranging from Acid-Fast Bacteria Stain Kit to Warthin-Starry Stain Kit. The reagents are packaged for optimal staining quality and are designed to be used right of the box for minimal set up time. Each Diagnostic BioSystems Special Stain Kit has been quality assured and comes with complete instructions for use.


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