Printtec c – Printer for Cassettes

Printer for cassettes w/wo autoloader

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SLEE’s printtec c cassette printer can significantly increase the efficiency of your lab while helping to reduce the risk of misidentification of specimens. You can print text, graphics and logos along with linear and 2D bar codes directly onto the face of the cassettes, making your work-flow more efficient while increasing patient safety.

– Prints directly onto cassettes– eliminates handwriting or labels that are hard to apply and can potentially fall off.

– Free PTLab™ software – template-driven software for your individual design and data workflow and configurable data stream connection to LIS systems.

– Easy to use printtec c is designed for efficient, handsfree operation. Taped cassettes are easily loaded into individual hoppers. The level of cassettes remaining is easily viewed through the front of
the hopper’s transparent blue LED back-lit case.

– One cassette is manually loaded at a time. Print speed is extremely fast at about six seconds per cassette.

– Autoloader only functional with printtec c printer also available. 4 x 40 cassettes lid on/off and 35° or 45° angles can be automatically batch loaded. Print speed is extremely fast at about 8 cassettes per minute.


Features and Benefits:

  • Modular design, the printtec c cassette printer can be installed on in seconds 160 cassettes capacity for on-demand or batch mode printing
  • 4 transparent cassette hoppers with 40 cassettes capacity each
  • Feeds standard cassettes with 35° to 45° angles with either lid on or lid off, no adjustments needed
  • Output capacity: 7 cassettes expandable by ten up to 47 cassettes with external transporter carriers which also can be used to carry the job to the processing table
  • Speed up to 8 cassettes per minute
  • LCD Display for status messages and fill capacity levels with 4 cross button user interface

Autoloader Batch Printer

The expansion of the cassette printer printtec c with the autoloader offers even more efficiency to the workflow of the laboratory while reducing the risk of misidentification of specimens. The autoloader is designed for efficient and hands-free operation. The four cassette reservoirs tremendously increase the possible cassette prints. Slotted cassettes are simply loaded into one of the four individual trays. The quantity of remaining cassettes can be easily controlled through the front of the transparent tray, illuminated with blue LED backlight, but is additionally displayed on the LCD screen.

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